An Unwelcome Quest (Magic 2.0 series #3)

That’s some pretty shoddy programming

— Roy

Yes, it is. If the programmes were not so shoddy, this story couldn’t be so funny.

Todd, described as a mad nerd in previous books, was the boss in this story. I have to acknowledge that this guy is a talent, although disgusting with weird taste, but a talent. In Magic 2.0 world, the reality is a programme and many programmers know that, but none of them developed a game with the powerful file. Todd did it. If it wasn’t used for revenge, it would be more funny.

If we set the rate of this game, it must be R18 because there was something about violence and sextual content. Todd made this game so funny not just because his programme was shoddy and stupid, but aslo he often appeared in the game as the author and discussed with the players about the game. As the developer, he even joined the game at the final chapter. What a big Easter egg! And what is worse (or better?) is that there was another team coming to experience the adventure while the game was designed as one-off. Many weird and funny bugs came up. I was completely defeated by the bugs.

Fortunately, even though there may be something violent, it is also very funny because it actually is a sci-fi comedy. Even disability was shown in a funny way. The sense of humor of Scott Meyer is amazing.

Beyond all doubt, this book is the best in the series util now. It gave me a lot of laughs and joyful time. It is an awesome gift for gamers and IT guys, indeed.

Finally, I want to say :

Good job! Martin! You got Gwen in the end. You did it!


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