Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0 series #2)

People say that they want to know how things work, but really, most of them just want to know why things work.

— Brit the Elder

The most interesting point of the series is that it explains all fantasy elements with programming terms. After the fascinating story in Medieval England, we traveled around in Atlantis. Of course it is also not the one we expect it should be. Like Camelot was built by Jimmy, Atlantis was built by Brit, another programmer. Jimmy built a golden castle, while Brit built a diamond city. Yes, luxurious, grand, but not difficult for the programmers.

In my opinion, the real boss is not the stupid non-magic citizen and the president, but also Jimmy. He spent over thirty years to make a plan to travel back. He was really good at social engineering. He even successfully got back his power and made other wizards powerless. But he didn’t revenge, in stead, he asked forgiveness. Unbelieveable, especially for an arrogant, talented and crazy wizard. He did horrible experiments and murdered a village of people and tried to kill all the other wizards. After thirty years’ suffering, he fought back and got back power. Then asked for forgiveness? I distrusted him. Let’s see what he will do.

Rules are necessary for any community, especially for the powerful ones. If you are the only one who is powerful, you make the rule. If not, there should be an organization like Union to implement some rules to control the power. For Magic 2.0 world, Roy may be the last one who can become a wizard or time traveller after finding the special file, because all the instance of files will be password protected to prevent bad guys from doing something terrible. It is boring, but reasonable.

Congratulations to Philip! He met his lover, Brit the younger. (I was completely confused by the logic of Brits.)

Congratulations to Martin! He will have more stories with Gwen.


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