Off to be the wizard (Magic 2.0 series #1)

That may be, but I’m an algorithm with free will! Any time someone claims I don’t have free will I shout shut up at the top of my lungs, because it’s totally out of character for me, and it proves I have free will.

— Philip

Most of geeks who love computer science consider themselves as wizards, or even god, but that is not true. It is just a kind of similitude. Information technology is important and powerful without doubt, but not enough like magic. Well, what if the reality is a huge computer programme?

A nerd who often hacks other’s computer system and spy on the files found a file which could influence the real world by changing the data in it. He could not help exploreing the possibilities with his programming skills. A legend began from then on. He can travel in any space and back to any time. He can set the attributes of any items. He even can change the balance of his bank account. Can we call him the god? No, because he is not the only one who can do this. Perhaps we can call these guys wizards. There is an organization for the wizards. The story is funny and simple — the good ones kick the bad one’s ass.

The most attractive point of the book is neither the funny story, nor the creative tricks, but the setting — The world is a computer programme and the file which controls this world is editable. This setting gave the programmers great power. They can be powerful like a god in the tales. If that is true, everyone konwing this must be eager to learn programming skills.

I am very glad to meet this book while feeling a little bored about coding. It helped me remind the fun of programming and get back the passion for coding.

Thank you, Off to be the wizard;

Thank you, Scott Meyer.


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