Three men, three words

How to become a smart man? That is an eternal topic. In my opinion, three man can give the keywords about that. What is interesting is that all of them are fictional.


Concentration, Sherlock Holmes gave the first one. As the most popular detective, Sherlock had many merits. He was good at digging the truth by observing and reasoning. But what he contributed most is he told me about the importance of concentrating on the useful knowledge. He never waste any time on anything which is useless to his uniq occupation — Consultant Detective. That make him excellent on his own field. Therefore do not absorb knowledge without purpose.


Plan, is Michael Scofield’s answer. As a prison-break expert, he really did well in planning. To overcome some terrible problems, especially the impossible ones, a careful plan is essential. The big problem’s difficulty usually means fantastic reward, so it is fair to spend numerous resources for it, especially time and patience. Collecting information and getting help from anyone are the key points taught by him.


Implementation, Jason said. As the most horrible trained agent, he demonstrated how powerful an individual can be. Once threatened, he always fought back instantly. No team, no preparation, no hesitation. His weapons were skills and expertise. Once he began to play the game, the rival would get a quiver at that time, whoever they are. That is because they will get damaged soon, in a few hours or minutes. How amazing implementation capacity it is!

Concentration, Plan and Implementation, these are the key words to become a terrible smary guy.


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