A Crazy Possibility of The Truth of Our World

I was shocked by the idea produced by myself when I was watching the US drama named West World.

During the old west, a brothel boss often dreamt some mysterious persons in weird uniforms. She felt curious, so she drew the persons on a piece of paper and planed to hide it under the floor, then she found a lot of pieces of paper with the same image there. What a surprising discovery! She was shocked because she remembered nothing about the paper under the floor.

According to the plot of the drama, the brothel boss was a robot produced by human being for entertainment. All of her memories and thinking were designed by engineers. She was not a real human being. The weird persons in her dreams were actually the human staffs who came to handle her dead body – As a robot, she can certainly live again. This drama motivate me to think about our world.

Perhaps all of us, I mean we human beings, are also produced by some other creatures with higher level intelligence for some certain purposes. I have two evidences. Firstly, the uncountable reports about UFO show that there are some other higher level creatures observing us, like the staffs in the drama. The other one is there are many tales about afterlife reincarnation in different culture. I guess that is because we are just some kind of robots and can be fixed to live again with a little former memories left accidentally.

Never mind, all the above ideas are just my crazy imagination. I am not sure what I said is true and I hope I was wrong.


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